Board of Education

The Board of Education is elected to establish school district policies and provide a quality education for all children in Prairie-Hills Elementary School District 144. The Board appoints an administrative staff to carry out its policies. Board of Education business meetings generally are on the third Monday of each month. The locations throughout the year vary so please check our District calendar for the specific location. During the summer months, the board meetings are held in the Administrative Building, 3015 West 163rd Street, Markham, IL.

Board of Education Policies
The policies of the Board of Education of Prairie-Hills Elementary School District 144 have been compiled in a handbook. The Board Policy Handbook may be reviewed at the District Administration center. 
To access the Board Policy Handbook on line right now, CLICK HERE

Members of the Board

Contact Information: Board of Education Members
Mrs. Barbara Nettles-Vice President
(708) 335-2068
Ms. Elaine Walker-
(708) 335-1552
Dr. Becky Adams
(708) 335-1188
Mrs. Dionne Freeman-Cooper
(708) 969-2240
Ms. Sharron Davis-President
(708) 596-1819
Dr. Gregory Jackson
(708) 752-2585
Mrs. Juanita Jordan
(708) 335-3019